birth doula support

B I R T H  D O U L A  P A C K A G E

The Birth Doula Package is a comprehensive service designed to offer parents ongoing assistance throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and the immediate postpartum. The package includes the following:

Birth Doula Support

  • Free consultation: An important step before deciding to hire a birth doula. It is an opportunity to get to know one another and will ensure we would both be comfortable working together. This is a great chance to be able to ask the questions that can help you determine if I am the right doula for you.
  • 2 prenatal visits: This is a time for us to get to know each other so I may better understand your needs. I provide educational information, we discuss your birth preferences and concerns, creating a birth vision. We will discuss comfort measures and will explore anything and everything as it seems relevant to you.
  • Access to my extensive lending library
  • Access to educational information, resources and referrals that are reserved for my clients only
  • On-call services beginning in your 37th week.
  • At-home labour support from when you need me: This is for home births and for those who want to labour in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible before transitioning to the hospital.
  • Continuous and knowledgeable labour and birth support at home or in the hospital: including physical comfort methods, labour enhancement techniques, emotional support, effective positioning, informational support, and advocacy support to help you communicate your labour and birth preferences.
  • Immediate postpartum support to assist with breastfeeding and assist in facilitating and encouraging bonding
  • Two in-home postpartum visits focused on integrating the birth experience, answering lingering questions, assisting with breastfeeding and newborn care, and discussing your transition into parenthood.
  • On-call breastfeeding support for the first 2 weeks

The fees charged are an investment. Please contact me to discuss. I can work with women and partners that might need a payment plan.

In addition, I have a vast amount of experience and specialized training. Click here to see my previous birth experiences, or birth wisdom that I can bring to your birth.