birth philosophy

Giving birth is a beautiful, physical, emotional and spiritual experience…

 We are dedicated to helping women have empowering birth experiences on their own terms. The services we provide are tailored to fit your unique needs, with the goal of helping you achieve the birth experience you desire. Most important, we recognize that your birth experience is a memory that you will carry for life, and are committed to helping you make it a great memory.


…’ve heard birth stories that have worried you…stories of long and traumatic births….

… doubt your body and it’s ability to birth OR you want to know how to work with your body
… have fears or past trauma that is worrying you about this birth and you want to figure that out before you go into labour
… are birthing in a hospital and you want to make it as natural as possible
… are planning a caesarean birth and wonder how you can be best supported
… want to make use of every available resource to make your birthing time special, and a day looked back on with good and satisfying memories
…you believe your pregnancy is a normal and natural state; you do not want to feel like a patient
Y O U  H A V E  C O M E  T O  T H E  R I G H T  P L A C E.

L E T’ S  G E T  S T A R T E D!!

  • I believe in honouring the labour and birth experience as a transformative life event.
  • I believe strongly there are as many ways to give birth as there are women in the world, and that my role is to encourage and unfold your distinct birthing style while offering complimentary suggestions and information.
  • Where it is applicable, I believe it is my job to support and encourage the couple’s relationship before, during, and after the birth process so that entry into parenthood is accompanied by a sense of teamwork and success.
  • I believe that every family is unique, and that a birth doula needs to understand and respect your family’s beliefs, preferences, communication styles, and coping techniques in order to provide you with the individualized care you deserve.
  • I believe that birth’s journey can sometimes be unpredictable and mysterious, and that a sense of openness, flexibility, and reverence may be needed.

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“So privileged to have Kathleen assist my pregnancy, labor and delivery of my fourth child! From her I leaned more about childbirth and babies than I ever knew before. She always had a suggestion or insight during my pregnancy. And, my labour was amazing because she helped to prepare me in advance and was there to keep me connected. She’s the reason why I would go for a fifth!”                                  




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