Here you will find everything you will need in the journey from pregnancy through birth, and into the tender postpartum time

I believe the journey of birth and the transition to parenting is life-changing and takes preparation and understanding. I hold strong the belief that childbirth is normal, natural and healthy.

Let me help you have a birth and postpartum you’ll feel good about.

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                   “With her knowledge and compassion, Kathleen helped me embrace pregnancy and motherhood with confidence and ease. I can’t imagine having this experience without her presence…Kathleen was a godsend!” (…read more kind words from clients)

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  • Adrienne Davidson

    “Having Kathleens support throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period was invaluable. Her “bag of tricks” full of knowledge, resources, and tools, along with her gentle and supportive personality made my journey amazing. I truly couldnt have done it without her! She is much more than a doula❤ “

    Adrienne Davidson
  • Raluca Fratiloiu

    “Kathleen is an amazing human being and a fantastic doula. She brings a wealth of information when you talk to her about pregnancy and birth.

    During labor, she is the best support one could ever hope for. She is kind, patient, funny, a great listener and she is smart. Kathleen is committed to making a pregnant woman, a new mother and a new family feel safe, confident and cared for. My husband and I could not imagine having gone through pregnancy and birth without her guidance and help. Kathleen, Nick and I cannot thank you enough.”

    Raluca Fratiloiu
  • Anita, Thomas and Makenna Veal

    “Kathleen is an amazing person, full of passion for what she does and very loving and extremely generous. She was always very helpful with plenty of good advice, support, and tons of knowledge and resources.  It was a difficult time for my husband and I, since this was our first baby, yet she managed to calm us down and give us love and SUPPORT with her beautiful spirit and smile. This was the best investment that we made for our family. We will continue to use a doula, and of course,  Kathleen for our next child.”

    Anita, Thomas and Makenna Veal